7870m Very Low Performance

i just got this 7870 today got a pbz68-v/gen3 mobo installed removed all old cataclyst driver booted into safe mode run driver sweeper download and isntalled he 895.5 drives firs tthing i notieced in gpu-z was it was at pcie 2.0 when i should be at pcie-2.1 then i ran furmark with 30fps only?? the end score was 1783 that is worse than a low end 5.xx series card anyone no whats going on?
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  1. its a his iceq 7870
  2. when i ran a redner test in cpu-z it was at 1.1 then went up to 2.0 in the render ets in gpu-z i checkd in amd overdrive when the tets was running power was at 0%
  3. what about other bench mark programs?

    tried 3d mark 2011?

    how is ingame performance?
  4. should i try another pcie slot i got a blue black ans white on my mobo p8z68-v/gen 3 i got it in the blue one at which is pcie_1

    and ii got a mobo which supports 3.0 the card is 3.0 pcie-e shouldnt it be running at atleast pcie 2.1 but it sonly at 2.0....
  5. 3dmark would not even run it come back saying after i tried to run a benchmark the requested funcionality is not supported by the device or driver
  6. Not trying to be rude,But have you even read the manual?

    GPU goes in the dark blue slot.
    install the 12.2 drivers.
    It might also help if you give us your complete system spec's.
  7. i have the same motherboard and a 7850 and the same problems
    it *Should* be in the blue slot
    and mine is running at 2.0 as well
    and my performance has been like 5xxx seriesish too
  8. look

    i put the 7870 int he samne slot where the 6870 was im not a idiot just not familar with this mobo since it has 3 pciex16 slot black which is pcie_3 white pcie_2 and blue pcie_1 and its in the blue 1 and i got a core i72700k p8z68-v/gen3 60gb ssd 1gb caviar black hdd lan li pc-k62 dragonlord pc case 900 watt High Current game PSU the video card has 2x 6 pin on it i have put the 2 6-pin pcie connectors in so thats plugged in i got 2133mhz ram gskill 2x4gb its running at 1866mhz atm now expain to me why thsi brand new card is *** cost 400$ bios is updated all drivers are update i also tried 12.2 from amd website ths specific 7800 drivers form there website and all the same ***

    i remvoed all the driver again run driver sweeper again turn comp of re inserted video card replugged the two 6pin pcie in started up comp windows doesnt even pick up the video card ha sstandard vga adapater usually windows picks it up im gona try installing the driver of the cd this time and see what happens
  9. heres the result fomr 3dmark which i got to run after what i said i did above


    as u can see is a bit f`d up
  10. ter updateing to the 895.5 drivers form the 895.0 3dmark wouldnt run but with the 895.0 it cannot detetc the GPU

    seems like there is a major problem with the 7800` driver i suggest to not buy any 7800`s atm until they relese new ones

    ... which wil probably alos be ***
  11. The drivers for these cards appear to be sketchy, wait for the next ones to come out and hopefully fix the problem you are having
  12. The OP needs to re-seat the card. it is not being detected at all. You need to ensure that it is pressed into the slot properly which by the sounds of things it is not.
  13. Does anyone even read the problem these days? Nothing to do with drivers. the drivers won't install because NO CARD IS DETECTED. Meaning not physically inserted properly.
  14. the card is detected when i install the drivers but it is not detected bye windows 7 and windows doesnt auto grabs the driver for it and install it. i installed the 12.4 peview drivers and yay the only thing that it fixed was it can now run 3dmark the low fps and performance is still there i hope by 12.5 they are fixed....

    if not im gonna have to buy another card cause i didnt pay 400 for the performance basically and in some instances lower than a 6870
  15. OP, take americanbrian's advice and reseat the card.
  16. i have reseated the card 2 times already
  17. Ok,By chance,have you tried the drivers on the disc that came with the card?

    found this on another forum:

    "I cleaned the contacts in the video card slot with a rubber eraser

    After that I tried the video card in there & the System detected the video "
  18. @ methixor, you’re confusing people with multiple threads.

    Your problem lies with your video drivers and ccc

    DO NOT use driver sweeper.. as it removes .Net Framework 2.0

    Without ccc your gpu is useless.

    Reinstall your drivers with the original driver cd your gpu came with. It should reinstall .Net Framework 2.0 and related components.

    Do not driver sweep before updating drivers thereafter, just use ccc to update.
  19. k i did that removed everything put driver son cd on drivers of the cd is just catalyst 12.2 anyways then i update to latest ones what btw hwo muc power is it suposed to use on a 99% load of the gpu?

    if i use the power control in catallyst and put it up bye 20 it increased the frames like 10fps from 30 to 40 in some benchmarking programs
  20. 274W 100% fully stressed
  21. i ran furmark and it was only using 173watts at 99% load?
  22. http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-radeon-hd-7850-and-7870-review/7]

    Read this, furmark is not reliable when measuring power consumption. I think your gpu is working fine and there’s not much to worry about. Just get your driver and ccc sorted out and you should be ready to rock.
  23. yes i have done that but its the fps im getting i.e in furmark 3dmarl 11 is there any program u can suggest to me then i can tets my video card and u can look at results and see if somethis is wrong i have done what u said with the drivers
  24. furmark is fine for benchmarking fps performance.

    I'f youre still getting bad fps i would check the net to make sure your psu is capable.

    heres a copy paste from the link i gave you
    Here is Guru3D's power supply recommendation:

    Radeon HD 7850 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 500 Watt power supply unit and 650 Watt if you go with two cards in Crossfire mode.
    Radeon HD 7870 - On your average system the cards require you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit as minimum and 700 Watt if you go with two cards in Crossfire mode.
    If you are going to overclock the GPU or processor, then we do recommend you purchase something with some more stamina.

    There are many good PSUs out there, please do have a look at our many PSU reviews as we have loads of recommended PSUs for you to check out in there. What would happen if your PSU can't cope with the load:

    bad 3D performance
    crashing games
    spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    freezing during gameplay
    PSU overload can cause it to break down

    This is worst case scenario, since moving on from a 6870 minimum 500watt to 7870 minimum 550w

    This is all i can do, sorry.
  25. i have a antec 900 watt psu... that shoudl be fine?
  26. yes certainly sir, more than enough.

    Roll back to older drivers and test. don’t use driver sweeper.

    Its either driver or a dodgy card. I hope for you is the former.
  27. i got 3dmark here is my results


    and 3d mark 11

    my score here doesnt match the 7520 score they got in the reviw but there clock was at 1175mhz mine is at 1100mhz

    the scores match up to the ones in review but as u can see at the top it doesnt recognize the graphics driver or card in the tests

    both are run in P mode like in the reviw link u put there
  28. your results say you have a "Generic VGA" that usually means the drivers aren't installed. If anything that last thing I would try is clean install windows and then getting the latest drivers or even the latest beta drivers
  29. it only says generic vga in the benchmarks prolly cause they do not support my new card in windows and everything card is detected fine and in other pgorams it recognizes the card in 3dmark and 3 vantage in the pgorams picks it up as a 7800 only when go to post results online does it say that
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