Quiet 7200 IDE drive

Hi folks!

Can anybody recommend a good 7200 ATA 100 IDE drive that's also quiet ??
How about the Samsung SP4004H ?

Read ya later,
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  1. Let me say this before everyone and their grandmother does.
    IBM 75GXP
    There, now watch how many people say the same thing like they didn't see it, even though I know they do...hehehe...

    BTW, most people on here will echo what Tom says in his reviews, so you can usually just read his reviews and not bother with the forum for advice like this. (That's not an insult, although it may appear that way)
    But of course, what good is a review site without a forum?

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  2. I would go for the IBM 60GXP. It's the newer line and a bit quieter.

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  3. Try this:

    An IBM 60GXP with an enclosure from <A HREF="http://www.quietpc.com/silentdrive.html" target="_new">http://www.quietpc.com/silentdrive.html</A>

    Should be very quiet indeed. Whats more, the 60GXP runs cooler, so the enclosure doesn't cook. Get a decent case fan and your set.

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  4. I have an IBM 75GXP. I guess I bought it right before that 60GXP came out, cuz from what I've been hearing, it's quieter. But, I'm copasetic with mine. Since there are fans running, you can't hear the HD. When the fans were off (I just wanted to see how quiet it was), it wasn't too noisy at all. The speed is awesome, too... :smile:
  5. I had Spin Point, but I returned it. It had a little high pitch whistling sound which reminds me old drives. IBM makes one too, but it sounds metallic (you know, like you spin a metal too fast). So I have both GXPs now 75 and 60. If they all have that stupid high pitch I will have to live with (all 7200 do), so I would rather live with fastest one then, heh.

    But dont get me wrong, SPxxx is really quite when operating (I had to put my ear close to it to hear it reading). You will not hear it in the case. I just have that stupid irritation about the harddrives.

    SPxxx is dirt cheap; for it's speed and capacity it is the best drive you can buy for so little money. My SPxxx 5400 40 gig was 99 bux, when IBM 7200 40 was 149. SPxxx is fastest in 5400 line with disk I/O, so decide for yourself.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
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