Questions on lowering certain temps.

Whats up guys, I built an i5 2400 system using a cooler master 212 EVO cooler. My temps while gaming on Diablo 3 on all high settings ( fps etc ) is around 42c on the CPU. I also noticed that my SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 will get around 58c. The fan is on 100% on the CPU and around 92% on the Sapphire.

Is there a way to lower the temps any more? The case I have is an Antec 300 ( I have the fans on medium that are pre-installed ) I have an intake fan on the front of the case ( scythe 120mm slipstream ). Should I add another fan on the side of the case's door blowing onto the motherboard? Any other heatsinks on the GPU, MB etc that would help?

Or are those temps while gaming alright?
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  1. the temps more then fine you need sapphire trixx or some other software to control yourfan speed
  2. Okay thanks. Only reason I brought this up was because under speed fan the GPU had a fire next to it..

    So the CPU temps are good too then? Usually the temps are around 31c while browsing the net.
  3. The temp you see on your 6870 while "browsing the net" is essentially the idle temp. When gaming the GPU is used a whole lot more and it needs more cooling. If you get a copy of MSI Afterburner, it has a utility that allows you to set up fan profile that will speed up your GPU fan when the GPU starts to generate more heat. It should allow you to lower the temp of your 6870 to around 50 C or less. Just be aware that the GPU fan is going to get a little noisy during gaming.
  4. Well first, the temps are fine, when gaming your graphics card will be a bit higher than your CPU, things you can do to lower the temps if they start rising, first bump those case fans to high <I have the Antec 300 Illusion case, I run them all on high and barely hear them> Make sure to clean that dust filter on the front fans <this lowers my temps by as much as 5c if I havent done it for a few weeks> Put your HDD in a slot thats below your graphics card so that the air from the front fans is channeled over and under the graphics card.

    You can add a fan to the side panel <I added a 120mm one> this can help cool the graphics card and PSU. For comparison I am running an AMD Phenom II 955 BE overclocked to 3.8 and I have a Gigabyte windforce III GTX 670 factory OC graphics card in the Antec 300 Illusion with all fan slots used and on high, during a 5 hour Diablo 3 4 man multiplayer run with the highest possible settings my peak CPU temps were 45c and peak graphics temps 58c
  5. thanks!
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