New BSOD on own built pc, no new Hardware!

Hi pplz, I know the subject is vague in title but im at a loss as to what is causing my BSODs.

They seem to occurwhen I leave my PC on for a long time and dont use. I have read this is because an SSD goes to sleep and some SSd's have issues with that.
I disabled SLEEP back in March when i built it.

i7 2700K (not OC'd yet)
Hyper 212 plus cooler
Corsair 120GB SSD
GTX 570 1280mb OC'd factory - drivers as of 26/5/12 - updated regularly
2 x WD 2TB hdds (green)
1 1TB samsung spinpoint F3
2 x 4GB Gskill 1600 - being run at 1333. (I had these at 1600 and they caused major BSOD when i first created PC so i dropped to 1333 and they work fine)
Asrock Extreme 6 mobo. P67
Silverstone Strider 750w psu

So i have not had BSOD's for about 5 months. They started about one month ago (rare) but now getting more often, however I am leaving my pc on unatended more time at the moment too.
No new Hardware, however i did notice my logitech camera wouldnt work and caused a BSOD on a certain USB input (rear) - have since switched it and it works fine again, have not resumed using the "dodgy usb slot"

I have mini dumps that i will upload.

Thanks for any ideas and all advice is welcome! Ill be on regularly and will post if this is solved,
Thanks for reading :)

hmmm ok i couldnt see how to attach anything! So heres my dropbox folder link
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  1. bump?

    Any ideas what i can check pplz?
  2. This was actually happening to me on a PC of mine, I believe the blue screens have something to do with your USB slots failing (as you said), I had a G19, G9X, Logitech HD Webcam and Turtle Beach headset plugged into a not so great motherboard for quite a while and I started getting blue screens after a few months, the only one I could read was my keyboard drivers failing, the other ones would pop up and pretty much instantly go away before I could even react.

    Now when I plug things into certain USB slots they simply don't work. In fact my G19 refuses to work on that computer anymore, despite being perfectly fine on other ones. So perhaps you should invest in new USB slots and see where that gets you (if your motherboard is able)
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