Graphics card running on a 400w PSU?

Hey guys, I'm looking at what graphics card I should get for my new build, i'll be running an i3 2100, 4GB DDR3 RAM, ASUS P8H61-M LE MOBO, a standard optical drive and 2/3 sata II 7200rpm drives. The PSU that I currently have is a decent CiT 400w psu, this is what the description of it is on another site:

Silent PSU with Temperature Control Fan
Form Factor Micro ATX
ATX 12V Compliant for all kinds of CPU and mainboard
MTBF 50,000 Hours @ 25 degrees C
20+4 Pin Main Connectors: 1
P4 4-Pin 12V Connectors: 1
4-Pin Molex Peripheral Connectors: 4
SATA Connectors: 1
Floppy Drive Connectors: 1

Whats the best graphics card for around £100 would run off a 400w psu with everything else i've mentioned. I would like to buy the card from aria is possible.

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  1. GTX 550 Ti/6850 can work on it. :wahoo:
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