Having video problems HELP PLEASE!

Hey everyone, I'm at a loss here. I built this computer to sell and I sold it to a guy. Well, he comes back and said it's not working, that the computer comes on but no video. I told him to bring it back and I would fix it for him. That's where the fun starts.

First I thought it was the cheap power supply I bought so I bought a new one with more wattage but still no video.

So, I tested the video card in another computer I have and it worked fine. I put another video card in the system and no video.

I decided to replace the motherboard since I had had problems with it in the past. So I bought a new ASRock mother board but in the process of changing out the motherboard and found that the CPU had some bent pins. So, we went in together and bought him a new CPU. I got it in and put it in the system....still no video.

I figured it has to be the ram. I ordered new ram from newegg and got in yesterday. I finally found time tonight to put the new ram in and fired of the computer. Still no freaking video.

The only thing that I have not replace on the build is the Hard drive and video card. I have tested the video card and it works. If the hard drive was bad I would think it would still show video but say there was no drive detected. I'm at a loss here and have no clue what could be going on. I'm almost to the point of thinking its the case or something lol. I could really use some help here since the guy already gave me the money and I've already spent it lol. HELP PLEASE! LOL

System Information
ASRock 970 Extreme 3
AMD FX-6100 six core
Mushkin black line 8g
1tb harddrive
900w power supply
IN WIN case
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  1. the monitor

    the cable
  2. I have hooked it up to different monitors with different cables :( sorry forgot to say that.
  3. have you tried bread boarding the components

    or just disconnect the front panel power connector and try starting it with the tip of a screw driver across the two pins that the front switch connects to
  4. check the mb bios info online. see if the stock bios will boot with the new cpu. sometime you have to find an old cpu to flash the bios so that new cpu code will post new cpus. also put just one stick of ram in..in case one of the sticks are bad. also check that the cpu heat sink if after market not shorting out the mb or is to tight.
  5. I changed out the after market heat sink with stock one and still nothing. I'm thinking about taking everything and installing it in a new case. I don't like how the mother board installs in this case. It doesn't screw into the normal pegs that screw into the tray. You screw the MB down to raised spots in the tray and I think that may be shorting the MB out. It's worth a try I guess because I'm lost here.
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