My webcam does not bring the icon on the desktop in windows 7

when i install windows 7 on my sony laptop the webcam drivers are their but i don't know where i can go to open it because it does not bring the icon on the desktop.
How can i use it?
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  1. Depending on what Webcam you have, try searching for the program which runs the webcam from "start", then just create a shortcut to the desktop.
  2. Hello juuko;

    Look for: ArcSoft Webcam Companion Software in the list of All Programs in the Start Menu.
    Also look under the Sony heading in All Programs.
    Or you can use the search bar on the bottom of the Start Menu and type in: webcam
  3. juuko said:
    when i install windows 7 on my sony laptop
    OK, I'm betting you did a clean install and wiped out any prior webcam software.
    Look on the Sony Support - Downloads and Drivers page for your laptop model and see if there is any Webcam software for download.
    Otherwise, you can download Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger which can use your webcam.
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