Best graphic card in india below 5000 rupees for high end gaming

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  1. 6670 is better than 5670
    Buy it
  2. but youngster 5670 id gddr5
  3. lol none of the listed cards are for high end gaming. may be for some entry level gaming with a lot of gfx settings turned down.
    difference between nvidia and amd gfx cards are too many to list. main diff. is that they employ different underlying gpu architecture.
    imo the 6670 1gb ddr3 is better. the 5670 has gddr5, but it has weaker and older gpu.
    here are some other recommendations -
    these ones below is a starter for high end gaming-
    you'll need a good psu, at least like a corsair cx 430 v2 to run the gfx cards optimally.
    check your pc specs if your chosen cards fit your pc. recommendations are based on price.
  4. You can't get a high end gaming card for 5000 rupees. High end cards start at around 15000, and go all the way up to 25000-35000.
  5. A HD 6670 with DDR3 is marginally better than a HD 5670 with DDR5. Since the HD 6670 is cheaper and marginally faster it's the best choice of the two.

    A HD 6670 with DDR5 is about 12% faster than the HD 5670. A HD 6670 with DDR3 is probably no more than 5% faster than the HD 5670.
  6. @ritwik
    Are you comfortable with second hand stuff ?
    If yes then join

    Also here is 5770 for 4k-
  7. That 5770 is a brand new
  8. thank you guys.........................
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