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I am building my first HTPC and for a money standpoint I was going to use a AMD Phenom 9650 95 Watts on a MSI board that I already have. I was wondering if this would be an ok choice for a some what low power, quiet and low temp set -up.

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  1. a 9650 is low power and low temp?
    Sorry but the phenom series runs hot. I'm not saying that you cant have a decent quiet system, you just need proper cooling and airflow to achieve that.
    If your board will take a phenom2 I would definitely suggest one of those over the phenom 1.
  2. As already mentioned the old Phenoms were like the old Pentium 4's, slow and hot. Do you know what type of motherboard you have? If not you can download CPU-z that will tell you everything including your motherboard and socket. Phenom II and Atlhlon II with C3 stepping will perform better and running a little cooler than the old Phenom I's.
  3. My bad it is a phenom 2 with cool and quiet tech its suposed to run below 60 degees and it's 95w instead of 125w. I have a Zelmanafter market CPU cooler and fan control if I need it.
  4. Well unless u want to buy a lower wattage phenom quad core which have "e" after or buy a new new one then use the one u got with a good cheap cooler like 212 evo, for just htpc unless its in a cabinet shouldnt get real hot or loud
  5. lol how do u mix up a phenom I with a II? or was the O/0 after the 965 in the model number?
  6. down volt and down clock it. You don't need all that cpu power in an htpc, you might as well save some energy.
  7. If u can just turn off 2 cores if the motherboard has the option. ^ or do that
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