Geforce gtx 680 HC question.

Hi, do i need to buy aditional equipment(like pumps and radiators) to use EVGA Geforce GTX 680 hydroCooper ?
and also , any information about FTW release date ?

also also :) is it possible to use Refference model + OC model for SLI ?
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  1. well if youre buying a gpu with a water block then yes you will need a water cooling loop
  2. Yep. The Hydro Copper is just a GPU capable of taking liquid cooling; it doesn't handle the liquid. Just get an air model unless you want to go for the aesthetics of liquid and are willing to do a whole lot of research.
    Yes, you can SLI reference and OC boards. If I'm not mistaken, they'll have to run at the same clocks, though. This probably means OCing the reference board as much as possible and then setting the OC model to match.
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