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I really need some more advice on choosing a LCD monitor. I have read all kinds of different info on Samsung, Hitachi, Planar, and others but I would just like to hear what people suggest in the 19" department. I want to play games but mostly I will be using it for graphics and video editing. Not to mention just surfing the web. I know the 25ms most displays have will have "ghosting" but I wonder how bad it really will be. I have been using my Dell Inspiron laptop with a 15" LCD screen which has a lowsy 50ms rate if I am correct. I played some games on it but honestly I got headaches while playing UT2003 after a while. I am interested in the PX191, the Samsung 191t (maybe the 192t if/when it comes out) and a couple of others. I currently use a Hitachi 751 19" monitor but it is getting old. Nice but no completely satisfying anymore.

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  1. HP has a brand new LCD which according to the specs has below 20ms. If that´s true or not I don´t know since it´s so damn new that there is no info about it on the web. But check it out, since it has a nice price for a 19" LCD. It´s listed at 718 Euro at
  2. Well for the first time it looks like a 19" LCD with less than 20ms response time. Anyone heard more about this monitor? HP L1925? Some HP products are good, and some aren't from my experience so the jury is still out on this one.

  3. I´ve found some info but I don´t have the full review: .... take a look.... Looks good to me and I´m going for it...
  4. Sounds and looks like a nice LCD but I havent heard enough about it to jump on it. I really want a 19" but I may settle for a 17". If I can tolerate playing games on my laptop I am sure a good 19" will be just fine. Either the 191t or the PX191 Planar interest me for both looks and performance. I want to see a review on the Planar though. There are not enough reviews on LCD's in my opinion.

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