When to buy my new PC (Waiting for the new tech)

Hi Guys,

I have been reading Tom Hardware for a while now and just recently ive noticed a few news articles mentioning future developments in the pipeline, or new tech that is about to come out in the next 6 months to a year.

A couple of examples are the Thunderbolt motherboards and hybrid SSD storage devices from Toshiba.

I understand tech is always improving and there is never a perfect time to buy as the tech will be out of date in 6 months, but I am asking if there is a sweet spot in regards to the timing of buying a new PC, or more specificity a new gaming PC.

For me I like to buy tech that has been out at least 3 months and is tested and optimised. (and hopefully a little cheaper)

I am not highly educated in this area, so mainly rely on in-depth research before I buy anything.

And lastly I mentioned Thunderbolt and the hybrid SSDs but if you guys know any other new tech about to hit in the new 6 months or so please mention it here so I can research that as well.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. There isn't much , honestly. This year has been the refresh for a lot of new technologies. Ivy bridges, 600 series nvidia gpus, and z77 motherboards. The 3 of these together make for a killer build.
  2. No point waiting for new tech unless it is massive and happening within a month. Your betting off buying your build now.

    Devices like hybrid HDD/SSD already exist in the market and can be easily integrated into a computer when the next wave of them come out.
  3. Ah thanks guys that just what I needed to hear.
  4. No problem, do you need help putting together a build?
  5. Yea I can always do with advice, my main problem is I 'am in Taiwan atm and will be for a year so getting the major brands is sometimes hard and more expensive so if you had any advice in this area id be surprised and really grateful.

    I was thinking about having the system build for me this time. Im not great with keeping things tidy inside the case and I haven't built a machine for about 3 years now so am defiantly out of practice.

    Im seeing as there is no big tech coming out soon im going to go for the mid level gaming rig.

    My Budget would be what ever it takes to play BF3 on high settings. (Not highest as that prob too expensive.

    The games I will be playing are;

    EVE Online
    COH 2 when it comes out.

    Im normally comfortable spending around:

    Motherboard £100 - £130
    CPU £130 - £150
    Graphics Card £200 - £220
    Case £60 - £80

    Also is Ivy Bridge worth the money atm what with limited over clocking and the sandy bridge 2310 for example still great for gaming?

    Thanks again

  6. CPU: sandy bridge i5 2500k £158.50
    Motherboard: asus p8z77 £ 117
    Gpu: sapphire radeon 7850 2gb £191
    Case : cooler master Haf 912 £68

    I recommend sticking with sandy bridge , ivy bridges heat up really quick and are not as good for over locking. You can over clock a 2500k comfortably to 4 ghz if you'd like. Also for the price the 7850 is quite good and will handle all the games you mentioned at medium to even high quality depending on the monitor you plan on using. I'm not sure but I think amazon ships to Taiwan and all of this can be found on their website, if you have an troubles let me know
  7. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to do that.

    Ill have a look into those items once im ready to buy.

    And good tip on Amazon I didnt know that.


  8. Actually there is a rumor that the true successor to the nvidia gtx 580 (GK 110) is coming out in August in limited quantities since the current nvidia gtx 680 is based on GK 104.

    Also if you're worried about how much the system will cost then just cross out thunderbolt off the table, the only board that has it right now is the Asus P8Z77-V Premuim and it retails for $450.
  9. Ivy Bridge wont heat up at 4.2 ghz which is the sweet spot for gaming.
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