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Hello everyone,

I want to get a after market video card and i have a 350pws w/ a Intel DG33BU MoBo.. What is the best option do i have to accomplish a dual monitor set up
Thanks Joe
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  1. amd 7750
  2. Thanks Alvine ... there any other ones you can think of to compare against ?
  3. For your power supply your only other safe options aside from the 7750 would be the Radeon HD 6670, Radeon HD 5670, and the Geforce GT 440. The 7750 is definitely the fastest out of all those cards, but it's also the most expensive, as it is brand new right now. Still it would offer comparable performance for your money compared to getting a new power supply and getting something like a 6770 or GTX550Ti.
  4. Thanks Nova !! .... for the input
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