Newly built CPU starts for 1/2 sec then stops?

So I just got my parts for my first computer last night. I spent all night assembling it and I was excited to get it booted up. But when I booted it up the cooling fan spins for half a second then stops. Things I've done so far:

Checked all PCU cords.
Took out 1 out of 2 sticks of 8gb RAM
Unplugged all unneccesary side fans
took out graphics card
Unplugged SATA CD drive

My components are:
PCU: Corsair ATX PSU HX 650

Processor: i5-2400 3.10 GHz, 6mb Cache LGA1155 95W

MoBo: Asus P8 z77-v lx

Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce gtx 560 / 2048mb GDDR5

Ram: DDr3

Cooler: Cooler Master X6 Elite

Edit: When I start up, nothing happens. Only the cooling fan starts then stops. I don't hear anybeeps.
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  1. This suggests there is a case short some place. Go work through our troubleshooting guide (link in my signature) to see if you can't fix your problem.
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