Good 250 - 300W 80+ PSU in black?!

Hi All,

I am building a fairly low powered desktop:

i3-3225 ivy bridge
ASUS P8H77 (H77 chipset mAtx)
2 x ddr3
1 ssd
1 cd/dvd-rw
2 x 120mm fans

I think I can easily get away with a 250 - 300W PSU. I believe that this machine will probably idle at probably around 50W? And since this machine will be on 24/7, I would like to be in the 20 - 80% range of the supply load so I am at least 80% efficient. I can't seem to find a brand PSU though in this range - and I'd like one that is black to go with my mAtx case.
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  1. Plenty of room for an upgrade to any single connector card. and some dual connector cards with adapter

    And 83% efficient at 10% load
  2. Seasonic makes excellent supplies, but its a tad expensive. I was hoping to get something in the $30 range after rebate or something. I don't know if that is wishful thinking. It's ashame since I see a few good 500W - 600W PSUs that are in that price range after rebate, but the efficiency at ~50W would probably be terrible.

    39.99 after rebate:

    20.99 AR:
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