New Case for i3 / HD 6850 build

I ordered all my parts for my new i3 2100 / Radeon HD 6850 (which will be OC'd) and they'll be here Thursday. The problem is that I was just going to use my 7 year old Raidmax Mid Tower case but I don't think it will have enough airflow. It has 1 80mm front intake, 1 80mm side window intake, 1 80mm rear exhaust and 1 80mm top exhaust (custom cut and drilled, with grill).

My budget is $50, I want bottom mounted PSU (Antec VP-450) and preferably 3-4 120mm fans (led or not, don't care). My budget needs to incorporate the cost of case and fans. With that being said, here is what I've found:

Rosewill Redbone

CoolerMaster Elite 311

Rosewill Challenger-U3

Rosewill Future This is the one I'm leaning towards. (the link just goes straight to newegg)

What do you guys think? $50 budget including case and any extra fans I have to purchase.
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  1. A lot of it is personal preference and aesthetics, since the tower is really the only thing you see in a computer setup.

    That said, I like the Future also based on looks (personally) and the support for up to 6 fans. I know your budget is $50, but don't skimp on fans, since they are the life blood/air, whatever for your case. Also might want to do some input/output airflow calculations and decide if you want negative or positive airflow.
  2. Nice avatar too, though I'm a Niners fan, I have huge respect for Jared Allen!!
  3. Thank you sir, Jared Allen is a beast and I've been a Vikings since I was a wee little lad. Anyway, if I had the tech specs on the fans it came with I could at least get an idea on the kind of airflow.

    I like the Future because it comes stock with 4 fans with options for 2 more. Bang for buck. But if they have crappy flow then they're not worth it and I'll have to swap them out and waste money on good fans.
  4. Good fans are never a 'waste' ;-)
  5. What I meant was if I spend the extra money because a case comes with fans to save money by not buying fans and they suck, I have to invest money in good fans to replace the crappy ones when I could have just bought a different case, cheaper and spent money on good fans in the first place.
  6. I know, I was giving ya some S***. Good luck, great looking case!!
  7. Ah, sorry, I don't light hearted sarcasm at times. I really like the Future, 4 fans and a mesh design, I can't find anything better for the price unless you or someone else can
  8. I was going to suggest the Antec 302, but they are $69.99 and sold out on newegg...
  9. Hhmm, what about the Xclio Touch 320? It's $70 but it has a %50 off promo code right now. I know nothing about Xclio's but it seems legit.
  10. I've never heard of them, and tend to stay away from things that have no "Scottie Track Record". Not much feedback to go off of, but the feedback there isn't grand at best... Might be a coin flipper...
  11. I appreciate your info and insight. I just grabbed an Antec Gaming Series One from a guy in my town on Craigslist. It was brand new, sealed box. No damage to the box or case. I got it for $45 which is $5 cheaper than Newegg and didn't have wait for shipping, happy day to me.
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    Congrats, I have a 300 and LOVE it, and can't wait to replace it with a 302 for it's increased fluff the 300 should have originally had!! Antec makes great cases.
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