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How to tell if My PSU is dead.

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September 18, 2012 11:23:02 PM

I recently pressed the on button on my pc and nothing.lAfter fiddling with cords and unplugging replugging it turned on.I had had to do that on and off for a few days until today,in the middle of Playing Arma II it shut down and now it will not turn on i made sure all cables were in,and did the paper clip trick but all i hear is a buzzing noise.Also the light on my mobo is on (i know tat just means power is going though my system but still)

My specs are
Mobo:Asus P8Z77 LE Plus
CPU: intel i7 2600k
Heatsink: hyper 212 EVO
HDD:2x 1 TB hdd
SSD: crucial M4 128 GB
GPU:gtx 670
PSU:Corsair 750 watt power supply (enthusiast edition)
Case:Antec p280 3 fans 120 mm

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September 18, 2012 11:43:55 PM

How would you describe the buzzing noise? Did the fan on the PSU turn on?

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September 18, 2012 11:50:35 PM

If you pull the 24 pin and short 16/17, the PSU should turn on (not the mobo too obviously since the 24 pin is out). If it spins up, it's good. If it buzzes and the fan doesn't come on, I would guess the PSU fan has seized up (buzzing could be the fan trying to spin without luck). Would explain intermittent shutdowns (PSU overheats, you fiddle with wires while it's cooling itself passively) then works again...

I'd bet the PSU fan is dead and no telling what damage heat may have done internally. Test the 16/17 pin - no spin up, replace it...