Best Graphic Card For 720p LED

What is the best graphic card for a led tv that support res of 720p?
(i want a graphic card that will run all the new games on 720p on ultra -if it possible)
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  1. we need your computer specs
    when picking out a graphic card you have to know how big your power supply is
    faster cards need bigger psu's
    if you dont have any 6 pin powwer connectors i would suggest 7750
  2. At that Resolution I really wouldn't recommend anything more expensive than a 7750 or 5770...7750 doesn't need any extra power connectors, just as alvine said...but the 5770 does give you a bit more performance for about the same price, but, it requires 1 six pin...

    I wouldn't even look at anything more expensive then those options It would be a waste of cash at 720p.
  3. But if You want to be solid for games releasing 2 years down the road, and your PC can handle it, then I would recommend something like a AMD 6850/70 or the 7770...but that's if you really want it to last 2 + yrs down the road while playing on max/ultra settings
  4. im building a new rig:
    i5 2550k/armor a30/asrock h61 microatx/8gb ram
  5. and 550w +80 bronze
  6. what's your budget for the gpu?

    If you have that CPU I assume you aren't too shy about spending on the gpu front, in that case it would change my recommendation.

    knowing how long you want your card to last before needing another upgrade would be helpful.

    So far I recommend the AMD 7770 .
  7. personally id grab 6850 or 7770 maybe even a 6870 if you really wanna have some balls

    ...i have a backup rig running a 5770 at 720 and it games just fine
  8. 200$ max and i prefer nvidia gfx, but if there is no good nvidia cards so amd is ok too.
  9. Perhaps you could save some money on your components and spend it on a real monitor instead?
  10. maybe a gtx 560 on the cheap:

    you would have a lot of power for that resolution given that you have ample cpu

    how about this one:
    evga and a lifetime warranty

    or pny has a refurb with optional 1 year warranty for 150:

    in the amd arena id go for these:
    ^that might be the best deal out there on the egg for a 6870

    the 7770 is just not a good deal if you can get a 6870 or gtx 560 for liek 10 dollars more... not worth it unless you are running under strict power requirements which is sounds you get the right idea of getting a solid 5-600w unit.

    with the cards that I rec. above at least you will get playable frame rates if/when you decide to upgrade your monitor to 1080p with something like a 6770 or 5770 it will still game at 1080 but not nearly as good as the gtx 560/6870

    ..and since the 7k series just got released, you can get a good deal on a previous gen card that is more powerful for the money in that segment.

    Now if you wanted to move up to a 7850 then id say go with the 7 series but for your budget and performance needs Id say that the 6870 or gtx 560 would suit your needs quite well
  11. i5 2550k will be overkill?
    and should i wait for the new nvidia gf series and buy a GTX650, it will be cheaper than gtx 560 and similar...
  12. No it's not overkill. It's a great CPU that will last you 4+ years. About waiting for GTX 650: it will take at least a month for it to get released, but if you got the time, sure, you can do it. Also, if you really want to play games like BF3/Crysis 2/Witcher 2 on ultra, don't get anything less than GTX 560. I understand that other people think that it's overkill, but it really depends on which games you're playing. For something like Deus Ex 3 or Mass Effect 3, it is overkill, but not for the most demanding games ;)
  13. im not gonna play BF3 or crysis.....
    Im gonna play game like AC,SWTOR,Batman AC,NFS-TR and more games like it....
  14. Then it all depends for how long you want the card to last :) For those kind of games, GTX 560 should last around 2-3 years!
  15. i think i will stay with the card 2-3 years,so the best choice is gtx 560?
    i think i will take the gtx650 that should be similar to the 560 but cheaper,thank you :)
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