Overclocking the 7850, your results?

Hey all,

I recently bought an MSI Twin Frozr III OC edition HD 7850.

I was wondering what people on the forums have been able to achieve thus far with clock speeds (gpu &/or memory)

Stock the gpu was set to 900mhz over the standard 860mhz reference. I have it at 960mhz already with zero problems and just about same temps.

How far can these things go?
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  1. Radeon HD 7850, Core: 1050 MHz, Memory: 1450 MHz

    Here's the overclocking result for the Radeon HD 7850 and Radeon HD 7870 cards:

  2. After some further research on the 7850 overclocking, it seems this card overclocks well and should be able to hit higher clocks than the overclocked Gigabyte model. Here is the link of the results i was looking at:


    EDIT: looks like Ko888 got to it before i did :)
  3. I realize this is an old thread, but I just got a 7850 and wanted to post my OC results.

    I have the Sapphire 7850 OC, and so far I have it stable at 1160mhz core and 1350mhz memory. I had to increase volts to 1.225V to get it stable though.

    This thing is an overclocking monster! Consider that reference is 860/1200!

    Edit: also it stays cool at 69 degrees, although It once got up to 72 after a few hours of looping unigine heaven 3.0
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