Thoughts on the silverstone Raven 3 case?

gonna be building my first pc in a couple months here and I'm looking at all the parts I'm gonna buy. I've got a budget in the mid to low 900s range. I've decided on all the other parts. An entry/mid level i5 (thinking 3470) a radeon 7870 will be more than enough for me, for now.

Where I'm stuck at is the case. To me, this is arguably one of the most important parts of the pc. Its where I get to show off the hardware that I will have at first, and every piece I will ever have years into the future. Obviously, I want it to look nice, and be as good quality as possible. Priced at about 130 dollars on NCIX, the Silverstone Raven 3 seems perfect. True, it has a lot of features I won't be using right now and is probably overkill for my budget. But it looks sick in my opinion.

Here's a link:

Still, I also realize that if I cut it down to something nowhere near as fancy, I could get quite a bit more performance. If I cut down to a 60-70 dollar case like the CM storm Scout or Antec 300, I would have the option to upgrade my cpu to a 3570k and/or my video card a 7870 ghz edition which supposedly performs on par with the 660ti and 7950.

Anyhow, any thoughts as to what I should do? The Raven 3 is a good case and looks sick as hell imo, but would you consider buying it on my budget a frivolous waste of money?
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  1. Well, not on your budget.

    It is a nice case, but it does have a very cheap feel to it when you compare it to the other Ravens.
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