Advice needed: Laptop or desktop PC...

...because I'm moving from UK to US next summer, so in one year's time.

I'm looking at around either £2000 desktop PC or if laptop then £1500. The problem is, that I will need to ship the desktop PC if I buy it, and because it'll be a good piece of hardware for £2000, I don't really want to just sell it and buy a new one.

I'm interested in gaming, and some video editing.

So question is: is it worth it? Will it be easy to ship the whole thing - PC, monitor, and the rest of the crap to US easily? Or should I sell everything and ship PC only? Or am I better off selling everything and buying a new PC in US? In which case I'd rather just get a laptop.

What are your suggestions people? Anyone already experienced this? Will it be too much trouble?
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  1. I imagine that it wouldn't cost much to move a PC considering that you'd be moving furniture anyway (though no expert). For gaming and video editing, a desktop will always trump a laptop in user experience.

    Just keep the boxes and packaging all your components come in, repackage them and shove in the (probably) large case your getting on that budget. That should keep them safe.
  2. You may encounter problems anyhow, our U.S. cousins use 110v mains, your UK 240v won't have enough power to post unless you buy a cheap Psu (which, especially in a 2k unit you don't do)
    hold out and buy when you go mate,
  3. There is a switch on most PSU's - 110v/240v ...

    If u can't be without a PC, than build it and ship it : )

    If u can manage, just build some cheapo PC and sell it later.

    Save your money for later.
  4. Oh I didn't know about it. Is there no way around it? If not, then I'll probably get a laptop for around 1000 pounds of course. Don't want to buy a good desktop PC and then try and sell it.
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