Help! just finished my first build 3770k idle at 1.6ghz?

just completed my first build, everything seems to going ok except concerned that 3770k shows as running nat 1.6ghz most of the time while doing general web surfing etc? is this normal? also concerned about my temps ran prime 95 for a few minutes and it ran at 3.7ghz at 60c ? hoping ive installed the hyper 212 evo correctly

sysytem is
z77 extreme4
hyper212 evo
sapphire 7850 oc
corsair vengence 16gb
sandisk 120gb ssd
wc 2tb hdd

any help would be awesome !
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    this is normal because there is a energy saving feature that does this. the cpu will automatically clock itself down when it is not doing anything intense. if you want to keep it running all the time at 3.7ghz, you just have to disable that feature
  2. 60c is ok for prime95. you should be worried about temps when they hit 80+
  3. Ok, thanks ! Do you think 60 is alright even though I have the hyper evo? I am hoping to over clock it a bit maybe 4.3 ish
  4. its ok.
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