Need advice on PC build.

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    that looks like a nice inexpensive set up. but that PSU :o
    not familiar with the B75 chipset and found a review of the board
    Gigabyte B75M-D3H Motherboard Sandy Bridge Review
    but it should be "ivy bridge"(?)

    please consider the following PSUs:
    Enermax NAXN Tomahawk II 550W $75.00
    Silverstone Strider 500W ST50F-ES $65.00
    Antec VP550P 550W Power Supply $69.00
    Antec Neo Eco 520C 520W Power Supply $66.00

    these 2 will be cutting it CLOSE with the power your set up needs now, if you upgrade to a more power hungry graphics card, than you'll need 500 watts!

    Corsair CX-430 V2 Power Supply $59.00
    Antec VP450P 450W Power Supply $52.00
  2. peek a boo!
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  4. Thanks fo the help! :D
    I will probably go with a cheaper one because I will be upgrading around about January.
  5. very good.
    i forgot to link a review of the PSU which is less than desirable.

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