Posting issue, Error dr debug 67 issue, MSI X79A-GD65 (8D)

I am having an issue posting, getting a error of '67' on the MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) debug led screen. The PC turns on and off repetitively (possibly 10-20 times) until it finally gives an error message, overclocking settings failed, F1 to setup, F2 to default and setup. After that the PC runs everything stable no problems whatsoever.
I have incorporated many of the ideas in relation to fixing this issue as in starting with one stick of ram, resetting cmos, reseating components (all) and wiring. Nothing is resolving this issue which occurs during a cold boot.

Intel i7 3960x cpu
Corsair quad DDR3 vengeance 16ggb total
Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 OverClock Video Card - 1024MB
Antec TPQ-1200 TruePower Quattro 1200W Power Supply
On the- MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) Mobo

My bios contains a the latest beta bios update to be sure it wasn't a compatibility issue. Still the same issue. Any thoughts or knowledge that resides around this error will be helpful.
Thanks in advance...
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  1. That CPU is supported.

    0.Did this build ever work, or is this a new build problem?
    1. Are you overclocking CPU or mem ?
    2. What are your memory settings -- voltage and timings? How do they compare to the memory spec on dimms.

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until system behaves better. Example, pull all memory and see if the on/off cycle "The PC turns on and off repetitively (possibly 10-20 times) " ends. Ditto pulling video card, pulling signal and power to drives, etc. Find what part is causing the MB to do that crazy "The PC turns on and off repetitively (possibly 10-20 times) "

    Also double check the BIOS settings for CPU and make sure that no OC'ing is taking place for either automatically. Back off the memory timings to the slowest jedec values.

    good luck.

    edit: also if new build look for wires that might be crimped under MB, bad standoffs, etc. Check this ref for more suggestions:
  2. I think I'll connect up a system speaker, trying to find the issue is difficult. I put one stick of ram in the first dimm and reset cmos, worked booted up then shut it off and tested it again and it failed.... I swapped the ram stick to another still same result. For the dimm I use the xmp profile setting it to their specs. The cpu is automatically overclocked due to turbo boost 2.0 and hyperthreading but i don't see that as being the issue. Taken everything out besides one dimm also to have the same result.

    The motherboard debug screen stops at 67, but it may progress but it will always stops at this number before the hdd kicks in then it successfully posts. Otherwise it will stop at 67 for a longer period then restart.

    Probably sounds confusing but thats whats happening.
  3. Ok found something, the dimm lights sometimes don't light up according to how many dimms are placed. I reseat the ram it works. Turn the pc off and on another light doesn't light up. Indicating loose memory, I suppose?
  4. I will submit a ticket to MSI as I cannot find my ram nor my psu in the compatibly section of the motherboard. Would this be as to why this problem persists? Also I set my ram to 1600 Mhz and everytime i reboot its shown as 1300mhz. By default, 1600 Mhz ram is underclocked until it is properly set. The problem is I have set it. Weird. But if anyone has had any past experience or knowledge in regards to this, however small it may be I'd love to hear it...
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