Pls help for choosing the best new GPU for my current PS.

Hey all now i have Nvidia Geforce 9800Gt GPU, and i want to upgrade it to NViDia GTX550ti or smth, maybe AMD HD5770.
But i have only 350w psu can i runn any of those i want to upgrade cards 100% normali with my current psu? :)
PS. Now i am running 100% good my 9800gt on this psu when Nvidia says that it requares atleast 400w psu ? so ? :)
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  1. no replies ohh cool.. :((
  2. What kind of PSU do you have? List the model or all the specifications AND the brand.
  3. mate i have the Compucase PSU it came with the case of my pc its 350w i cant find in the internetet real specifications
  4. i think it is sucha PSU but cant be 100% right but it looks the same so... :)
  5. You need to open up your case and take a picture of the sticker. Upload it to and make sure to select 'do not resize' option. That should give me more than enough info.

    Also, you need to tell us how much you're willing to spend to upgrade your PC.
  6. I done what you asked mate :) this is the image of my PSU sticker
    And i am willing to spend about 100 Eur for my new gpu it will be about 134$.
  7. Your power supply can't drive neither GTX 550 Ti, nor HD 5770/6770. Your best choice at 100 euros would be HD 7750. It costs around 95-105 euros, at least in my country (I live in Europe too).

    I am afraid your budget is too low for upgrading power supply, so I didn't suggest you that.
  8. Yes, but how in the performance it will work the HD 7750? :) do it will be slower then GTX 550 ti? or HD 5770? :)

    It's a little bit worse than GTX 550 Ti, or HD 5770. But it's your best bet unless you want to upgrade your PSU as well. If you do, however, there are better choices than HD 7750.
  10. But how about the GTS 450 ? do its slower then HD 7750 and if i get gts 450 do need a new PSU ?
  11. Your power supply is too weak for gts 450. It's also slower than HD7750.
  12. ok wery thanx for great information :)
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