$650 dollar budget 'gaming' rig. Can you help?

Hi guys, i'm back and had a couple questions for my friends build. He doesn't have a lot of money for the build, the hishest he can pay is $650, I appreciate the help. Here's the list:
Approximate Purchase Date: (e.g.: this week (the closer the better))

Budget Range: $650 Before Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Intel for upgrading later on, LGA 1155 cpu, he wants an aftermarket cooler too.

Overclocking: In the future

SLI or Crossfire: In the future

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: A window in the case, Black and blue coloring, ATX MOBO, and psu room for upgrades.

I'm not going to include any parts, it's all up to you guys, i find it easier to start from scratch then to work around something that has already been created. but if you want a list i'll make a pastebin and comment it. Thanks Guys.
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  1. Try this.

    Not going to meet all your needs, but your asking a lot for such a small budget.
  2. cranked said:
    Try this.

    Not going to meet all your needs, but your asking a lot for such a small budget.

    Says the wishlist is empty.
  3. You can do OK.
    Start by looking at this $650 Tom's system builder marathon build:,3159.html

    Prices may have changed.
  4. Here is a pastebin with what i came up with. We didn't want to spend so much on the case and psu, now there isnt money for an aftermarket cooler. Could you guys help with the case and psu price? and how are the rest of the parts?
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    To answer your question, an aftermarket cpu cooler is not necessary with a 2100.
    For $5 more, I might pick the 2120.

    Here is a less expensive case that meets your requirements, the cm 430:

    The rosewill powersupplies generally do not have a good reputation.
    The last place to economize is a cheap psu.
    Regardless, this Corsair 500w unit is cheaper:

    You can save on the motherboard with a M-ATX motherboard for $60:

    The 7770 is a more modern graphics card which will run cooler, and take less power in the same price/performance range. I would pick one of them.
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