How do I find case that fits motherboard?

this is probably a very stupid question - but i have to replace the motherboard for my pc, and am thinking of replacing the case too. But I don't really know where to start to find a case that fits my motherboard. Can anyone guide me in the right directon?
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  1. Can you tell us what kind of motherboard you have?
  2. mavroxur said:
    Can you tell us what kind of motherboard you have?

    It's for an ACER Aspire desktop M1100

    Here's a link to the ebay page with the actual motherboard image.

    Hope that helps]
  3. Any case that will take a Micro ATX board will work. Pay attention to the front panel connections (power, reset, HDD light, etc) because some OEM's place all of these these connections in a header that may be pinned to match the board, and most aftermarket cases won't all be in a header (they will have separate 2-pin header cables for power, hdd led, reset, etc), so if the board isn't labeled just look at the old cases' header. Also, front panel audio connections (if applicable) will need to have attention paid to them. If your new case doesn't have them, some boards require 2 jumpers be place in a specific position on the motherboards' FP_AUDIO header to allow the rear-panel jacks to work without any front panel connections present. Just google "FP_AUDIO jumpers". Most boards are the same in this respect. But some boards don't require it, so try your audio first if your new case doesn't have front panel audio.
  4. Thank you very much for your help!!! :D
  5. Edited to say "any case that will take a micro atx", not the "anything case that micro atx". It was late last night, in my defense. :-) But your board is a micro atx board, so you shouldn't have any problem finding a case that will accept it.
  6. i been looking at the link and this board is mark as atx so get a regular case that take atx board
  7. If you actually look at the board in the picture, or any other links to the board (outside of eBay) you'll see that it's Micro ATX.
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