PC keeps on rebooting

Hi all

I've got my brand spanking new photo&video editing powerhouse. Specs below. Getting frustrated with its start-up though. The strange part: When it stood for an hour or so, it would boot up, no problems. But a restart or a start-up right after shutdown is just not possible. It would CONTINUOUSLY restart itself before reaching Windows splash screen. The fan controlling system shows my RAM and graphics card to be no hotter than 25 degrees CELSIUS. What gives?

*Win 7 Pro 64 bit
*Mobo: MSI X79
*Processor: i7 3820
*Graphics card: R6870
*RAM: 8GB DDR3 Corsair, soon to be 16GB
*System disk: 256GB SSD
*Data disk: 1 x 2TB, soon to be 2x 2TB
*Case: Antec 1200
*Power supply: 750W

PS I did contact the shop where the machine was built. The guy said it's "just" a BIOS reset and that I should return to defaults. Which I did, even though I didn't change anything beforehand. We live in a tiiiiny town, 300 miles from the shop, so going back there is a bit of an issue!
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  1. Maybe a GIOS update?
  2. Before you loaded Windows or by the person who built it did they change the hdd setting from IDE to AHCI for the SSD?
    Before a pc can reach the Windows loading if there is a problem then it usually is the Bios and you can check to see if you have the latest Bios installed.
    Did you call the guy back when you did the Bios reset and it didn't change anything? The person who built it would have the best shot at fixing it even without going back to the shop. You may have to do that as a last resort and before the 30 days is up and he tells you that you have to now deal with the manufacturer of the motherboard. Did you buy the parts and have them put it together or is it something that they took your order and gave you a package built Pc. A place of buisness does have to stand behind thier work and they should be making it work like it should.
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