Help- brand new Asus sytem shuts down

I recently just bought a new ASUS desktop. here are the specs

model CM6850
intel i7 2600
8 gb ram
gt force 520 video card
windows 7 64 bit

i did all the updates on windows. I started installing diablo III and at about 11% it suddenly shutdown on me. not sure where the problem is. At first I thought it was overheating, but when i downloaded software to check temps. it stays steady between 45 to 50 C. cant figure out what the problem is. my guess maybe something to do with the bios, not sure. any ideas?
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  1. It sounds like a software conflict that is between the game and something that you have installed on your hdd. If you just did a windows update then uninstall those updates and see if you can then load the game.
    Have you updated the drivers of the video card? Have you run a test to see if Diablo 3 can run on your computer? The video card is kind of low and I question if it meets the minimum requirements of the game.
  2. I went ahead and bought a new psu dynex 520W along with an nvidia GTX 550 ti gpu and installed it. I still had the same problem. I also noticed when i go to a website with like flash, it shuts it down as well. i tried going to diablo III website and it immediately shutdown the computer. i just restored the pc to factory settings and going to see if i can install the game. i'll try to load the game before any updates. and see if it will go through
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