PC Mod Digital Thermometer


I want Good Digital Thermometer for the case

and I found this : PC Mod Digital Thermometer

anybody use it? were to connect the Sensor. to the CPU Heatsink?

But were to put the LCD Screen?


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  1. I bought about the same thing from another website. If you want to measure CPU temp, i would recommend putting it on the back of the motherboard, where the cpu is. Make sure you realize though, wherever you put it, it wont be 100% accurate.

    For mounting, i bought some heavy duty 3m double sided mounting tape, and mounted it to the inside of the case, so i can look through the window.

    Look at the thermometers on frozencpu.com, they offer a cabling service where they cover the cable and heatshrink it in whatever colors you want.
  2. Thanks

    I went to frozencpu.com and i read this

    Application: Cut 47.0 x 26.5 mm hole in material and then push unit into hole to install (the tabs will compress)

    I don't want to make any Cut in the Case!
    Is there any thermometers thet can instal it with no need to Cut the Case :(
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