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Greetings to all,
I am planning to add new systems to a gaming center. Presently have the systems with AMD 1100T and gigabyte motherboards, 8GB RAM, 550w PSU and ATI 6870 graphic. Everything has and is working well so far.

The addition will be for another 15 systems. Since its hard to get the same configuration as above, I opted to go for Intel. Also, the VGA, 6870 not available as well :(.

So, here are the new specs :

CPU I5 2500
8GB RAM 1600
Sapphire 6850-2GB
Hard Drive 500GB Sata
Thermaltake commander
Power supply 630W thermal-take
LCD LG 22”
Microsoft Keyboard
Mouse Microsoft
Total cost/system: $865.

No overclocking or under clocking :)

Just need some advise on if all looks ok, or should I change something. I have some doubt about the PSU, I think 630 is over a little. Maybe a 550w will do :)

Any inputs will be highly appreciated
Regards and thanks in advance.
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  1. 1: get a ivy bridge i5 3550. it will be faster than the i5 2500
    2: might want to get something higher end such as a gtx 670, 7870 or 7850 graphics card. they cost a bit more but they are more efficient and have much more performance than a 6850 or 6870
    3: get a more basic case such as a antec one or antec 302. they are cheaper i think and have great build quality
    4: get a western digital caviar blue 500gb. its a good deal
    5: yes a 550w will do. a good one is a ocz zs 550w. if you want modularity the zt550w will be good too

    thats all. just remember to get a 1080p monitor to make use of the video card
  2. What resolution and what games do you play? The 6870 is still very much available and in most cases will be better than a 6850 2gb card.
  3. Thanks TheBigTroll and bavman
    Very valid points. But on the other hand, going for higher spec for 15 systems will add greatly to the total cost. Very stretched ATM . The most problem is the availability in this part of the world (Dubai/UAE) of the mentioned part. Its very hard to get for example, the 670, the 3550. What’s available are the SB 24, 25 and 25K. On the VGA side, the 7870 is available, but high cost for me and the 7850 not available. Similarly, the 6870 not available here any more.
    As to the games, ATM, running COD2/3, BF3, WOW, HON, CSS, MOH, DOTA, all running at 1080 smoothly with no problem with tweaking (systems are cloned).
    In any case, I will chk again with suppliers to c what of the mention items can be made available, and will update accordingly.

    Thanks again
  4. If you can't get the 6870 and must get a 6850, you could save money and get just a 1gb model since thats plenty at 1080p. Most of the games you mentioned should run at max specs perfectly with the exception of BF3 you might need to disable aa/af and run on high detail.
  5. the 3450 processor will be fine , and so would an i3 2120 if these are single purpose machines

    so will 4 gig of RAM

    the nVidia GTX 560 [ not ti] is a good match for the 6870
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