Crossfire problem, need help

Well I thought Id ask while Im searching for a solution, maybe you guys know whats up. So I updated my windows 7 64 bit installed my graphic drivers, my mobo, everything is good to go. When Im in windows and enable crossfire it all works, I try to run the system rating and boom ! Says the driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered (BS). It just hangs and the rating never finishes.

I restart and nothing im stuck on the windows log in screen, where you would enter the password. The screen flashes black then comes back and it keeps doing that while freezing :(

Is there anything I have to change in bios to make crossfire work ? I looked at the CCC but all I got there is just enable or disable and thats it so wtf is going on ?

Iv been doing system recovery for the last few hours so that I can actually load into windows. When crossfire is enabled it wont load just freezes, but when it disabled it'l load into windows hmm.

Anyone know whats up with that ? Im running 2 hd6850s and I got a ultra 750w psu. And i got a z68x -ud3h -b3 gigabyte motherboard.
Could it be a faulty card ?
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  1. OK so I am a little confused, you can't boot into windows but you can access CCC?

    Firstly, no there is nothing you need to do in the BIOS.
    Secondly, yes CCC only allows you to enable / disable, this is not intended for any debugging / setup issues it is simply to allow you to run different profiles for games (some do not support CF).

    If you can't boot windows how are you enabling / disabling CF? Taking the second card out? Unplugging the CF bridge?

    First (I know this sounds pedantic but people do make mistakes) check your hardware set up, correct power supplies to cards, CF bridge is securely installed etc.
    Second test each card individually and rule out a card fault.
    Third do you have a spare CF bridge? The one you have may be damaged, try another (you should have got one with each card).

    Let us know how you fare.
  2. The way I access CCC is I boot into safe mode and do a recovery. Okay so if nothing is to be in bios thats one thing that I can check off.

    I only got one crossfire bridge, I guess xfx does not include crossfire bridge with their cards. :(

    I know one of my cards is good because I used it in my previous computer. I might have to check the one I bought.

    I also noticed this happens after I install the mobos chipset drivers. But, even before the mobo drivers I tried changing the windows theme and it would just freeze up , same when I went to CCC and clicked on check for updates, it would freeze up.
  3. It actually are not the drivers I disabled crossfire and tried running the system rating and it still hangs and freezes. But then when I restart it wont load into windows so I have to do a recovery and then its fine. I wonder what the problem is.
  4. that the one you got because it is the only one Intel Management Engine Interface 6.20 MB 2011/11/15 the other is Intel INF installation 2.43 MB 2011/09/19 would also do a hdd test
  5. Agree with scout, check your drivers and do a HDD test, does not sound like a GPU / CF issue.
  6. also if you install the latest ati dont forget the cap driver for crossfire
  7. The link you posted is my the mobo I got, and yup just took out one of the cards and tested the new card I bought and it works fine. Installed the drivers for it and ran the windows test and its all good, although the test came out kinda low. I got a 6.0 rating for my graphics. On my old rig I remember I had a 7. something.

    With the hard drive I enabled AHCI mode could that have caused the problem ? Guess Ima just play around until I find the source.

    When installing crossfire is there a right or wrong way to put the bridge on ? And would you put one card in, install the drivers and then the second card or both at once and then install the drivers and the crossfire profiles ?
  8. whats a cap driver ?
  9. had never use crossfire so would not want to induce you in error on the install,that gone be my next try if i could
  10. ah alright, it seems like the bridge is numbered but I did have it plugged in right. What are those cap drivers you speak of ?
  11. ahh I see yes I did have them installed
  12. then if you got them and the bridge install crossfire should work,do you see both card in control panel
  13. I wonder if the 2 cards are having problems with each other. The first 6850 uses one power plug the second uses 2 power plugs. I switched the cards out and it wouldnt load into windows, just freeze. But it seems like the drivers from the other card caused this. I did system recovery and now im going to install the proper drivers for this 6850 and see how it rates in the test. Gpu-z showed 2 different bios versions for each card.
  14. try this,could it be the power supply could not handle both not having enough power to split for them
  15. I just switched out the new card with the old 6850 and it would not load windows just freeze. I recovered it and tried running windows experience test with the current new 6850 drivers and no go it would freeze up. I installed the correct drivers for the old 6850 and it finished the windows experience test but at the end it freezed up. Im guessing it could be a drivers conflict.

    But it seems that each card needs their own drivers to run which is weird.
  16. maybe your better rma the new card since windows wont even load
  17. Well good news, both cards work and I figured it out. I reinstalled windows7 but this time I downloaded the drivers for my old card, installed them - then I installed the second gpu and put the cross bridge on and then I installed the Cap3 profile once again I used the drivers that were for my old 6850.

    The first time I did it I installed the new drivers for my new 6850 and I guess they werent compatible with the old 6850. Anyway just sharing in case anyone else has this problem.
  18. glad everything work so if someone have the same issuethey could use what you do to solve it
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