Bios detects HDD but system won't boot

We had some type of power failure last night. The power didn't go out in the house but my surge protector battery pack started beeping and cut power. My system is a desktop, custom built.

When we turned the computer back on it told us to insert boot media. I went into bios and I see my HDD but when loading the computer it says "no harddrives detected". I put in the Windows 7 repair disks and it doesn't show a HDD with Windows 7 installed but when I go into selecting an image to boot from, I can see all my HDDs including the one with Windows 7 on it. Those drives are all intact

So it seems like my boot record got scrapped somehow and so my system thinks no Windows 7 OS is installed at all. I can reinstall windows but I can't afford to wipe my computer right now.

Does anyone know a way for me to fix my current Windows 7 install? I don't have a recovery image although I do have backups of files done via windows backup.

Any help would be great!
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    boot to your windows discs, and there should be an option to enter command prompt.

    you can try a simple fix to the MBR within cmd...

    bootrec.exe /fixmbr

    there are a lot more detailed ways to rebuild a mbr, but that is a simple fix
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I tried that, it said the operation was successful and I restarted. I now see one of my HDDs in the boot (not the bios but the black screen before that says Detecting HDDs, BIOS still sees them all), but it still won't boot to windows.

    When I'm in command prompt and try to CD c: it always goes back to X: which is the recovery CD temporary drive. So I can only run bootrec.exe /fixmbr within X. Does that matter?
  3. I tried /ScanOs and it told me one of my partitions has errors and to run chkdsk. I ran chkdsk on my main OS partition already but I'm running it on this other one now. Let's see if that helps at all...
  4. No luck so far but I'm running chkdsk /R on all my partitions and HDDs now. So far nothing seems promising though :(
  5. After doing the chkdsk /R on my OS partition I was able to at least get it to detect the Windows 7 Element but still not luck with booting.

    I switched my OS HDD to another SATA port (my Port 1, instead of 2) and then rebooted. Once I did that, Windows was again detected! I had to run through the system repair and then boot into Safe Mode and then finally do a system restore into an older working instance, but it finally works again!

    So the key I guess was switching the HDD to another SATA, all my drives work too, so no damage!

    Thanks for the help!
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