680 GTX with GTX 460 as Physx?

So I have A gtx 680 coming in to replace my SLI GTX 460's and I am wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth it to keep one of the 460's as a dedicated Physx card.
My thoughts are that it will pull extra power and instead of my GTX 680 running at a full 16x i will have it running 8x along with the 8x physx .

Anyone care to sway me either way?
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  1. Sell both IMO.
  2. The 680 is so much more powerful it'll probably actually do better alone and doing physx, then having another card in there. Sell both 460s you won't miss them.
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    Try it and see. If you don't feel much difference - sell them both.
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  5. PhysX based games is becoming rare and rare. So better sell both at the earliest...............
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