Computer starts, posts, runs, then shutsdown


I am digging out some old computer parts to try and put together a home server for fun.

I'm currently using:
K8NF4G-SATA2 motherboard
2 GB OCz PC 3200 DDR400 RAM stick
2.2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 processor socket 754
Random Thermatake 400W PSU

and that is all I have set up so far.

The Problem:
I start up the computer, I get a post (usually one beep, sometimes 2 or 3 nonrepeating) Then I get the setup screen. I don't have a HD plugged in yet, but I see the setup screen for a bit and I can get into BIOS, then randomly my computer shuts down. I turn it back on with the same result: 4-10 seconds of up time, then powers off.

I've used many different memory sticks, so I'm hesitant that is the problem. Maybe the motherboard has just gone bad?

Other Thoughts:
I don't have it plugged into a case power button I just use a screwdriver expect...
When I turn on the PSU, the computer automatically starts up and posts. (I don't need to connect the +/- power prongs with my screwdriver)

Any thoughts/advice would be great, Thanks!
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  1. nhasian said:

    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I already read through that sticky before I posted. Upon taking a second look I tried removing my RAM stick and seeing if I got a POST (The suggestion of the breadboarding guy).

    The first time I started it, I got 3 short beeps repeating for about 10 times, then I restarted and got 3 short beeps once, and then upon restarting there were no beeps for a couples time.

    Then I let the computer sit:
    restarted, got 2 beeps then nothing
    restarted, got 1 beep then nothing
    and then no beeps for all the restarts afterwords.

    Is it fixable? Or just a dead motherboard. Thanks

    P.S.(Beep codes I was looking at:

    1 short- DRAM refresh failure The programmable interrupt timer or programmable interrupt controller has probably failed
    2 short Memory parity error- A memory parity error has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad
    3 short- Base 64K memory failure A memory failure has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad)
  2. I'd try a different stick of ram before swapping the motherboard...
  3. Try combinations of sticks in different slots. Sometimes a dimm goes bad. During all this testing, do you have a cpu cooler attached with paste?
  4. in his opening post he notes that he only has one stick of ram. when replacing it you should place it in slot 0.
  5. Hey Thanks for the suggestions!

    I do have a HSF on my processor. It is just the stock one. I thought it might be overheating to shutdown early, but then when I don't have a stick of RAM installed at all the computer stays on indefinitely.

    I installed 3 different sticks of RAM testing first in slot 0 then in slot 1.

    DDR400 RAM computer starts, posts, then shuts itself off
    1st DDR333 RAM computer doesn't post, run forever
    2nd DDR333 RAM computer posted once, then repeated the same as the 1st.

    I'm thinking something is screwy with my RAM sockets on the mobo, or there is a short somewhere :??:

    Thanks for the help.
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