3 Monitors + eyefinity

Hi everyone!!

Just have a quick question.

I currently own the HiS Radeon 7970 card with 2x miniDP 1x HDMI and 1x DVI.

I own 3 monitors,

one 2x DVI+1x VGA
two: 1x HDMI, 1x VGA
three: 1x HDMI 1x VGA

ALL screens are 23" 1920x1080

I recently bought these monitors, realizing that the third one that I have won't work without an active adapter, so I bought a miniDP to HDMI adapter, than realized it wasn't ACTIVE

So my question is...

This is my setup that I want to use, please let me know which one will work best, or please give me suggestions.


Monitor (one) (Left) will be connected directly DVI
Monitor (two) (Center) will be connected direct HDMI
Monitor (three) (Right) will be connected through ACTIVE VGA to MiniDP adapter to the MiniDP

Will this work properly?

I currently have a PASSIVE MiniDP to HDMI adapter, if I used that for the second monitor would that work with eyefinity also?

Or should I get the DVI to MiniDP (ACTIVE) adapter for monitor one instead, and use a massive for the third monitor (and) second?

Please let me know what you think!

(New thread because people were getting confused)

PS: Please note: The two monitors do NOT have DVI ports, even though this is recommended, I can't do it (unless I can use adapters)..
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  1. I would personally suggest using a mini displayport to vga adapter
    some people say you lose video quality but with my 1280x1024 monitors I don't really notice or care.
    i've had a lot of problems with DVI adapters, active or otherwise..

    EDIT: Also there is no "active" or "passive" VGA/displayport adapters.
    since vga is analog and displayport is digital signals, there is already an active conversion happening.
  2. phait;

    so 2 MiniDP -> VGA adapters, for both the VGA screens
    and 1x DVI?..

    But these screens are 23" 1080p screens.
  3. you only need to have ONE displayport connection for three monitors :D
    the other two monitors can be directly to hdmi and dvi
  4. So basically..

    1x MiniDP -> VGA

    The other one can be DVI and HDMI.

    any recommended adapters? :) amazon or newegg, dc.

    Edit: seeing how it's 1080p monitors, wouldn't MiniDP to DVI be better..? why do you have bad experiences with them :p
  5. As far as your monitors go I'm not the expert on that, I just know that I tried using a DVI adapter and after exchanging two different ones I continued to have the same problem, which was this:
    every time i had all three monitors plugged in windows would make the "connect" and "disconnect" sounds over and over, and it would be just like i was plugging in and unplugging the displayport/dvi monitor. not sure exactly what the problem was but the vga adapter solved it for me, was also 5 bucks cheaper.
    as for the adapter itself, there are so many out there but any VGA one will work.
    DVI i'm still not sure about

    edit: after searching for a little bit i found this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812270265
    you might could try your luck with that but i'm not sure if hdmi needs to be "active"
  6. It does because I currently have a MiniDP to HDMi adapter that cost $22 dollars, and it does it.
  7. "it does it"
    you mean it works and enables eyefinity?
  8. er I mean it doesnt, sorry.
  9. I can eyefinity 2 screens lol..with it.
  10. Ah ok..
    But yeah, it's up to you whether you want to use DVI or VGA
    but either way you only need one connected to a displayport
    if you need any help setting it up once you have an adapter let me know

    Here's a DVI adapter that would work http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=93496&CatId=467
  11. I would avoid VGA all together. nothing but issues in setups i have created.

    1 HDMI on vid card to HDMI on monitor.
    1 MiniDP on Card to a MiniDP to DVI ACTIVE Adapter then to DVI on Monitor
    1 DVI on Card to HDMI converter to HDMI on monitor

    see my guide to eyefinity below

  12. VGA is an analog siginal
    in eyefinity i have no end of troubles when trying to use VGA as you are almost always trying to convert a digital back to analog in order to get things to work.
  13. Hello,

    MiniDP to DVI ACTIVE Adapter, any recommendation?
  14. I got mine off of eBay. From this place:

    Works like a charm! :D
    I'm using DVI/HDMI/mini DisplayPort to DVI.

    It does not matter which order, as you'll be arranging the group anyways.
  15. Will def buy one of those, and see if it all works, if so, will report back, thank you for everything guys!
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