boot from cd disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter


i-7 920 @ 3.00 CPU
6GB Crucial Balistics RAM
640 GB WD Blue boot drive
2TB WD Green NOT in Raid
Windows 7 Home

So I was watching a movie being streamed from my TB storage drive when it failed. I checked to see if I could play the file again and the PC could not see that drive. I did a restart thinking it was just a hiccup.

Now I can't boot at all.

I can see both drives and disk drive from BIOS but when I power on it goes straight to DMI pool data and then gives me the error.

I have tried booting from HDD and from disk drive to no effect.

I dont think it is the battery because I have heard that the battery only saves changes during power off but you should still be able to manually set HDD boot even with bad battery.

No matter what I do it goes straight to DMI log and I get disk boot error.

I am thinking MB but hoping not. anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. have you tried booting off the window 7 cd and tried seeing if using a rollback point will work or run a windows repair. the drive might be fine but the mbr could have issues. you may also have downloaded a virus. if there data you need on both drives then pick up an 8g usb stick and install windows on it. you be able to boot from you pc usb wont be fast but you should be able to see both drives. and then be able to copy your files to a cd or another usb stick.
  2. I cant boot off the windows 7 cd because the pc wont acknowledge the disk drive either.

    I am not sure what booting from a USB does for me, I maybe can get booted up but then what?
  3. Ok I just swapped out a serial ATA cable and it booted right up. I had no idea those things could go bad just stiing there, but now I know.
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