Bought pre-built and wanted suggestions on upgrades

So I wanted some suggestions on upgrades for this Cyberpower:

I've had it for almost half a year, and it has been running really well. Since I have time this summer, I wanted to look at what I should upgrade in order to enhance gaming. I manage decent settings on most games and high on games that are not brand new but I want to get High settings for new games and I'm looking toward the next couple years in terms of boosting it. Ideally I would like to spend max $400 on new parts but I'm flexible up to $600. Thanks for the input!
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  1. Your best bet is to upgrade the graphics card. The 6670 is really weak.

    It says you have a 500w power supply so maybe something like this Sapphire 7870?

    Generally, AMD FX chips are pretty bad for gaming and I'm not sure if it will bottleneck this card.
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