Graohics card when connected to PCIe x1 vs PCIe x16

Hey, just wondering what kind of performance hit a fairly high end graphics card would take if it was converted and plugged into a PCIe x1 slot...

Card example:
Geforce GTX 560

If this was connected thru PCIe x1, would the performance hit be so severe due to the speed of a PCIe x1 slot that it would no longer be able to play newer games like Skyrim? Just wondering if it perform better than an integrated graphics chip.. Also, is the performance hit very severe or does it scale with the graohics card installed?
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  1. You cannot connect the GTX 560 into a PCI-e x1 slot since that slot is too short to accept the PCI-e x16 interface on video cards.

    If some company made a PCI-e x1 GTX 560, then that card would be severely limited. Probably to the point where it's performance will be below that of a GT 520 or lesser card.
  2. Those slots are so little. I don't see how you could even could think of it. I know they make network cards and sound cards that use them and they are sort of big. I have a Big foot killer net work card.

    No I don't think they could even make a card like said above that would even do any better than a on board GPU. Nice dream though.
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