Whats the highest speed an AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE can run at *STABLE*

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  1. Every chip overclocks differently, most of the time its 3.8-4.1 GHz, maybe 4.5 GHz on some chips.

    If you get another fan you can increase cooling by using the push pull system.
  2. Thank you! :)
  3. As mentioned above, every chip is different, you could be lucky with that 955 and get 4.5ghz (Rare but its been done), while another 955 can just do 3.8hz. And C3 955 will Overclock better at a lower voltage.

    My 1100T will do 4.12ghz 1.47v (4.2ghz at 1.6v), while a buddy of mine has a 1100T can only get 4ghz at 1.5v, even when its in my board. Its luck of the draw really.
  4. Best I've seen is 4.2. Not my chips though :-(
  5. I have the X4 965b in my "daily driver" system overclocked to 4.3ghz and it's stable, although I could see where overheating is definitely feasible if I were to find some task that required the CPU to operate at 100% load for fifteen or twenty minutes with literally no dip in the processor load (not likely in real life; more of an observation from stress testing). Of course, I am still using the 92mm DeepCool push/pull cooling setup from my previous undersized case- I am sure if I had your cooler it wouldn't be an issue.

    IMO, I think the amount of noise in your PSU's output has a lot to do with how high the bar can be set with this particular CPU. I really can't imagine that there are chips that are limited by the manufacturing process to 3.8ghz while others are okay at 4.5ghz with everything else being equal. When the processor is pulling 1.62v, I don't imagine that it would take much for a cheap PSU to nudge things over a cliff.
  6. 4.2/4.3ghz is the normal ceiling for denebs, some only hit 3.8 as mentioned, and a few can hit 4.5ghz,
    I own one of those and some serious W/c, but theres no reason not to expect a solid 4Ghz for a 965 or higher deneb
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll get it so, stable at 4ghz seems okay for an odd render and a bit of gaming! I know Intel seems to be better in most ways, but I honestly can't afford an i5 at the minute!:) Next upgrade will be the motherboard and processor, whenever I get around to it! Thank you all:)
  8. Standard chips 3.8-4.1Ghz, if you have a golden chip you can hit stable over 4.2-4.5ghz but thats extremely rare. I will say you could probably have it stable at 4ghz depending on your motherboard.
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