Montior resolution vs video card.

So I'm building a new gaming pc at a cheap price. Not looking to do anything crazy just get threw games like swtor and gw2 on a medium-high settings. So I was thinking a 6850 would be a pretty decent card. But my question is how will my screen effect my gaming and card usage. I'm using a 1440x900 screen atm. Would buying such a powerful card go to waste paired with this monitor. Or will the card be good regardless. I'm not opposed to buying a monitor but it will take me atleast another 3 months to do so. QUAD_3.6GHZ. 500GB HD. 4GB DDR3 RAM. Thanks
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  1. You could look at it like this, if you wanted. The less of your graphics card is used to run a higher resolution, the more is available to you for things like anti-alaising, or higher frame rates. The same is true in reverse: the more of your graphics card you use to push a higher resolution, the less you would be able to turn up settings in games. While there are some caveats to those statements, generally they are true. Get the 6850 and if you aren't happy with your screen size later, buy a better monitor.
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    i max out all the games i tried on a 6670 1 gb gddr5 at that resolution, i would get the amd 7750
    its 109.99 dollars,
  3. *850
  4. Yeah I'm looking at benchmarks for high to max settings on swtor and at 1440 6670 can max. But if I upgrade in the future I think buying the 850 will save me money in the end. Maybe I'm wrong idk.
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