Questions about fps and processor, also cord holding back refresh rate

hey guys. i have a question about the fps i get in-game, and whether i need to upgrade or not.
this is my setup:
asus m5a97 evo mobo
amd x3 triple core 3.3 ghz processor
8gb ddr3
msi r6850 cyclone pe graphics

so heres what i get for fps on 1080p, with graphics maxed out:

skyrim (I have a fxaa mod by the way): 30 outdoors and 60 indoors
starcraft :40
battlefeild: 25 online, campaign 30
im curios to know if this is good or bad, or somewhere in between? i was told by a guy at my local tiger direct that this was a bit bad, as he has the same gc but is getting higher # than me. he suggested i upgrade to atleast a 4 core. is he just trying to sell me stuff or is what he saying reasonable? is my 3 core processor holding back my rig? if i do upgrade i am going to get the fx6100, as my mobo is am3+.

another quick question, im using an hdmi cord to connect my pc to my screen. now i have a 24" LED tv with 120hz refresh, but in win7 on my computer it wont let me change the refresh to that. the highest it lets me is 60hz. the same thing with my 55" 240hz led. whats my problem here? should i be using a better cord?

thanks guys i know thats a massive post, please help me!
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  1. You won't see much improvement. It's your processor bottleneck.
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