MSI 7870 where to buy?

hi guys,

I just want to ask you guys where can i buy MSI 7870 online or in store? I live here in New York.. ty all!
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    do you need it to be MSI? Others make just as good and often better quality cards.

    This link shows all of newegg's 7870s. Newegg is an excellent store.

    Here's an msi twin frozr 7870 on ncix. Also a good website. The twin frozr version is made to oc and costs more.
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  3. yeah i really want msi brand.. i dont know why.. maybe because its cooler and quieter and i want to try ocing it. both of the sites you gave says out of stock or back order.. but anyways, TYVM!
  4. The Sapphire one I have actually is very good in terms of cooling/noise. But to each their own. :)
  5. oops, i thought the ncix was in stock.
    here's an ebay link:
    That should be a safe ebay dealer. Price isn't great though.
  6. i ordered at newegg lol! ty guys!
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