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Two different gtx cards not in sli

Hello, I have been looking into a GPU upgrade for a while now and was waiting for the GTX 600 release. My question is about the ability to use two different Nvidia cards in the same system but not in SLI.
First let me state that I currently have a GTX 295, what I was thinking of doing was getting a new Direct X 11 card to play games and have the GTX 295 running 1 GPU for a second monitor and 1 GPU for Physx. I was looking at the new GTX 680 but based on what I have seen from the forums they driver has to be the same for both cards.
If that is true does that mean that I could use a GTX 580 along side my GTX 295? Would I also be able to do what I stated earlier, having the GTX 580 running a main monitor for gaming, 1 GPU of the GTX 295 running a second monitor for the web or seeing who is on ventrillo, and 1 GPU of the GTX 295 for Physx?

Thanks for your time.
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    simple answer:
    that configuration will work
  2. Thank you for the quick reply.

    Would Nvidia control panel display all three cards, I only ask since that is the only way I know to specify which card is used for Physx?
  3. i would believe so. i used a 8500GT until i figured out any thing below a GT250/9600GT 1GB was a waste.
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