New build requesting opinions/advice

Approximate Purchase Date: this weekend

Budget Range: $1500-1800 after rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg or less expensive

Country: u.s.a.

Parts Preferences: intel asus nvidia

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: maybe in future

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 3d 51" vizio tv

Parts list:

(link fixed}

i7-3770k when back in stock...

just want some opinions on the build and a fresh set of eyes to see if i missed anything or compatibility issues

thank you
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  1. Sorry but the link wants a secure log in and I can't see the parts list.
  2. sorry first time trying to post wishlist link is fixed now
  3. Something tells me that you like Rosewill parts since you have selected three parts from Rosewill. While the case and card reader won't factor into the performance of the Pc , I will say that the power supply should not be from Rosewill and I see that it's got a $75 reduction for a 1000w psu. Are you planning on a second GTX 670?
    $275 for a motherboard ?
    This power supply will handle two GTX 670's if you are planning on two.
    This would be a top choice of a power supply.
    This will give you almost the same as the one you listed but $65 less which you can put towards a top quality psu.
  4. thank you for info yes i am planning on getting another 670 when i have more money to spend.

    i read somewhere i should have 950watts for sli ... and all other components which is why i went with rosewill 1000watts.

    what about this psu in comparison to the corsair u suggested

    i like all the ports on the deluxe model.. but you do have a point.. last time i updated my computer was 5 years ago still running a pentium II 1.07 if i remember right so i figure might as well get a good mobo and dual ethernet jacks are something i use off and on..

    as far as case goes i wanted one with usb ports on the front and fans included for $55 i figure thats a great deal unless you have another suggestion

    i am within my budget perfectly just dont have enough for sli yet but i dont game that much
    more streaming/encoding video so sli can wait..

    sweet rig btw

    any advice on ssd
  5. If I were building a rig of this obvious high end type, I would include at least a SSD for a boot drive.
  6. I like the Samsung 830 256gb for the OS boot drive because it gives you enough room for Win 7 64 bit and yiur current games and a couple of important apps without worrying about space. If you get a 128gb then it gets tighter and you have to start making choices as to what you want on the boot drive and what you want on the second drive. But as you know it comes down to what you can aford and if it's a 120/128 then that's what you go with. Corsair , Intel and Crucial M4 are other good choices so it will give you a range of choices to catch a sale or rebate.
    The psu that you are asking about is a good choice and it's silver certified so it will give you good efficiency at 85%. The new GTX 670's will require less power to fur than the previous models so an 850 will be good and if you want to go higher then you could it won't mean your using more power just that you'll have extra if the computer needs it.
  7. so ive studied up finally on ssd's any truth to the whole marvell vs. sandforce .. sandforce being crap very unreliable...

    this is ssd im gonna go with:
  8. Why would you go with a SSD that has such a low write speed? The whole idea behind a SSD is the speed of it and 210 MB/s is sata2 speeds.
    As far as Marvell vs Sandforce the real crap there is Marvall. I usually avoid Marvall chips like the plague. The Marvell sata controllers are real garbage and I had a lot of problems with a Corsair SSD and the Marvell sata3 controller , so much so that I actually connected the SSD to the sata2 intel port because I got faster speeds than the sata3 Marvell port. Sandforce has new firmware that does well.
    If you want to go with the Plextor then that's your choice , it's your money.
  9. from research ive done 4k speed is what i'm/general users are looking for in a ssd and supposedly marvell is higher quality/reliabilty less bugs than sandforce..
    hows this drive ??
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