i need more power

hey guys i have been advised to seek advise on better psu as apparently my gs600 is underpowered for my build.
i have a few options , which one wil be better ?

Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 SMPS
Corsair Gaming Series GS800 power supply

my previous discussion.

my build

MS Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Phenom II X4 965 be
4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 2827MHz (9-9-9-24)
ASRock 970 Extreme3 (CPUSocket)
BenQ E2200HD (1920x1080@60Hz)
1024MB GeForce GTX 560 Ti (ZOTAC International)
112GB Corsair Force 3 SSD ATA Device (SSD)
samsung 500gb 7200rpm drive
LG dvd drive
corsair h60 cooler
3 cooler master 2000rpm fans
usb powered razer abyssus and blackwidow.

and yes there is no overclocking done..
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  1. Wow. That thread has a lot of uninformed BS.

    A GS600 is more than enough to power that build as it has a 12v rail that supplies 48amps which equals to around 576W on the 12V rail.

    When gaming, your build will not take more than 300-350w's on the 12v rail. You will only exceed 400w when doing unrealistic loads via stress testing. As such, the GS600 is not underpowered for your computer and in fact, you have much room to overclock both the CPU and the GPU.
  2. so do you think the issue mentioned in that thread relates to a faulty but not under powered psu
  3. Wow x2. That thread does have a lot of uninformed BS in it.

    The part about system power consumption creeping up as time goes on is completely asinine. Try the other way around. Systems are much more efficient now than they ever have been.

    Your PSU isn't a problem with your system. As lilotimz said, you have a good bit of headroom to OC BOTH the CPU and GPU, if you wish, and even that won't really push that PSU.

    I'm not sure what your problem is on the other thread, but it has nothing to do with your PSU being too weak. Faulty, maybe, but not too weak.
  4. I can't be bothered reading that other thread.

    I have powered heavier componets with a slightly heavier power supply. My system consisted of a i7-920 with 12GB ram coupled to, at different times, a GTX280, a GTX580 and a Radeon HD5970 along with an SSD, multiple hard drives and an optical drive. This was powered by a Silverstone 650W and drew no more than 400W from the socket. Considering the lighter graphics card and comparable processor, I'd be surprised if yours draws much more than 300W.
  5. thanks for your replies , i guess it takes me back to my original problem, i have RMA 'ed my gtx560ti and have new ssd and mobo but issue persists i think its a better idea to go with the thought that psu is bad or my home power isnt clean
  6. RMA the PSU and get a Seasonic S12II / XFX / TX V2 from the 500-550w range. No need to get more than that and you get units that are much better than the GS in terms of quality.
  7. Wow that other thread is ... I don't have the words for it. I have a similar setup to yours, just with more stuff. I run a good 400 W power supply and that's more than adequate (before anyone argues, I measured power draw under stress test and could only get up to 270 W).

    I have serious doubts that it is either your PSU or graphics card (2 duds in a row?) as they present different symptoms when failing. The thread did have one piece of useful advice, try another monitor see if you have the same issues. It sounds more like your monitor is having issues with determining what type of signal it's receiving. My guess is there is an issue with either the monitor or the cable.

    What kind of monitor are you using and how is it connected (DVI, HDMI, etc)?
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