Random freezes in Win 7

When I had the Windows 7 beta I often got BSODs, especially just after booting up. (sometimes it would take 1/2 an hour to get a semi-stable boot up)

I then upgraded to the RC hoping the problem would go away, and it has, except now I get random freezes where the screen just locks up and the computer becomes unresponsive. I have to hold power and force a reboot.

I had vista before and I also started getting BSODs a few months before changing to Win 7.

Nothing is overclocked and all drivers are installed and seem to function fine. My computer is a dell XPS 410 so it should have pretty standard hardware which is fully supported in windows.

I'm thinking maybe a hardware problem, perhaps the motherboard, but not sure how to find out (bar changing the mobo).

I would like to do a dual-boot with ubuntu - might get more stability with linux, but I don't know how to partition my RAID array from within the installer (it just recognises my 2 RAID drives individually and reports that no operating system is installed on them - I need it to see "RAID array").

I'm gonna build a new comp myself this summer but in the mean time...
Any explanations/suggestion??
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    Hi miocene, welcome! Try checking your memory with memtest86... your BSODs might be caused by faulty memory.
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