How do i get rid of windows 8 in favor of windows 7?

I was given a new Samsung NP350V5C with windows 8 preinstalled for my birthday. I cannot express how much I hate this OS! all i want to do is get rid of it. I have tried to go back to windows 7 on a disk. It didn't work, it only booted back into windows 8 again.

Does anyone know how i can get rid of this awful OS?

Please don't suggest those ridiculous programs that just make win 8 look similar to win 7 like Start8.
I just want to completely remove win 8 and install win 7.

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  1. First of all you will have to go into the bios of the laptop.
    You can do this by powering on the system as soon as you see what we call the bios boot screen, or the sony logo ect.

    Follow these steps to get into the Bios. The keys to get into it will be the del key, F1 or F2. Press them as soon as you see the post screen of the computer at power up.
    Then you. will have to go to the menu saying boot in the bios. Look at the device listing.
    You should see a Hd listed and your dvd drive.
    Set the dvd rom drive to number 1. in the boot order list.
    Back out of that menu.
    And look for anything in the bios that may say secure boot, if the option is set to on, set it to off.
    Save the settings before you exit the bios.

    Put the win 7 dvd in the dvd rom drive.
    The message " Press any key to boot from dvd" should come up after a few seconds of the laptop rebooting.
    You should be able to then format the HD and begin to install windows 7.
    Hope it helps you.
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