Question on Corsair Obsidian mid tower

Hello, Quick question. Im looking to buy a new case(going to the most top end quality gaming setup, within Reason)
I only have a few things to upgrade left(Case,Buy SSD and maybe a new GPU(but its fine now)

So my question at the moment is my friend REALLY Loves this case. He said this is by far one of the best cases to get, I have nothing fancy in my computer so I do not think I need full tower my budget for a case is around $180 Would
Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Be worth it or no

I mean or should I just go HAF 922, I want something easy to work with because this is my first gaming computer Im working with and havent really done much of anything else :D
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  1. The USB3 front panel cable is a pass thru to the rear instead of a motherbd header (unless they've revised this)
    No Case speaker
    I've had issues trying to use 2.5" adapters for SSD's with the factory mounting studs.
    It has a 3.5" bay looking compartment to hide the front panel stuff. (Distracts from the asthetics of the case)
    Its an ugly case anyways imo.
  2. Okay, I Just bought the 932 Anything on SSD Cards or anything on Whetehr or not I need a fan speed controller?
  3. $160.00 on a case ? Anyway try a Samsung 830 for ssd.
  4. So its NOT worth it? I mean it looks like it has Fantastic Airflow.
  5. The HAF 922 is plenty good, even an Antec 300v2 is alright.
  6. knightdog56 said:
    The HAF 922 is plenty good, even an Antec 300v2 is alright.

    Im an idiot, i ment to say i bought the 922 :)
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