Power Supply possibly going bad?

I just tossed in a bunch of new components into this system. Almost everything from the August 2012 $1000 PC build. Only thing I didn't replace out of my old system was the 850Watt XFX Black edition PSU.

Problem I'm having right now is from a cold start without getting to a post screen the system cycles on then off, then a couple of seconds later back on again and off. If I flip the power button the back of the system off then on the system then starts up normally.
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  1. It is hard to rule out that the PSU is going bad without testing a different one in place of it. Can you do that?

    That same problem can have plenty of other causes too. I have seen it happen when RAM wasn't pushed hard enough into the slot before and when cables weren't connected completely correctly as well.
  2. yeah I can pop the old one out. Probably end up doing it tomorrow after I get home from work. Right now if turn on and off the system it is running normally. Feel like I'm at the mechanic right now lol
  3. You might also try to go in the BIOS and write down the instructions used by the boot drive (most likely IDE, AHCI, SCSI, or SATA) and then reset the BIOS. If you can't boot into Windows after doing that its probably because that setting needs to be put back to its original value.
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